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Fun characters that entertain kids while teaching them VALUES.
The Entypals encourage your children to be truthful, loving, determined and honest!

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Entyva Values

Inspire, Enlighten, Have Fun!

Finally, educational children's toys that reinforce positive values in a FUN way!

We understand parents desire to help their children better understand universal values.

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Linking Values with Fun

To achieve integrity all values have to connect.

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Select the Positive Value you would like to reinforce, and place your order.


For each positive value a linkable Plush, a Story Book & a Sticker Page in a beautiful fun box.

Experience enlightened fun!

Enjoy quality fun bonding time while you and your child learn specific positive values and make this a better world.


INSPIRE children to have a positive attitude and better understand universal values.
EXPERIENCE meaningful bonding time with your child.
REINFORCE positive values that promote emotional growth.
ILLUMINATE the world through entertainment.

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