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Why Respect Matters

Thanks to Aretha, we all know that respect is incredibly important, but unfortunately, it is not something that seem...

Speak the Truth in Love

Two very important values for kids to learn at a young age are love and honesty. Without love, honesty can be quite b...

How Play Affects Early Development

Play is important for children’s development because it is the lens through which they experience their world, and t...

The Benefits of Teaching Your Child Values

Entyva aims to be your go to resource for educational children’s toys and books, with a variety of products to help ...

The Benefits of Reading to Your Child

Entyva is committed to improving the lives of today’s youth, helping instill universal values of love, respect, hone...

How Our Educational Toys Differ From Others, Part Two

At Entyva, we are committed to providing your child with educational toys that make learning fun by teaching them ab...

How Our Educational Toys Differ From Others, Part One

At Entyva, we’ve made it a goal of ours to create educational children’s toys that differ from others on the market....

Why is it important to strengthen the character of your children?

As parents, one of our main concerns is to strengthen the character of our children. We want them to be kind, honest,...

Why is spreading values is such a fundamental part of Entyva?

Entyva is the only entertainment brand that transmits values in a fun and creative way. Unlike other entertainment br...

When we forgive we heal our hearts

Forgiving implies healing, a value that offers us keys and tools to achieve individual well-being. 

The effects of love on our health and wellbeing

Having love in your life helps you establish a healthy mental state, acting as a natural antidepressant and stress re...
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