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When we forgive we heal our hearts

Pain is like clouds

"Pain is like clouds: when we are focusing on our inside and only see gray around, a tedious and tragic gray, but as soon as it goes away the sun gilds the memory, and it is glory, transfiguration and majesty".

This is how the poet Amado Nervo defined the pain that can produce unpleasant experiences in our lives. It is a pity to spend the energy in anger and perhaps it is even sadder when a person resists and does not know what it is.

When someone has an attitude that affects us, it is important to let them know; what we like and what we don’t to enforce our integrity It is normal that an injustice hurts us and leave a wound. If you have not seen or do not want to see there is nothing to heal or eliminate it.

To face directly and consciously the experience of pain is fundamental to feel better. To face suffering in an adequate manner in the key to achieve inner peace.


Forgiving is a fundamental value

Forgiving, for example, is a fundamental value to handle a pain that can be produced by another. It implies letting go, understanding and accepting that relationships with others generate actions that, with or without intention, can harm. Forgiveness allows us to understand that we all make mistakes and that they can be corrected, remedied and learned from them.

By forgiving ourselves, we strengthen as people, because we develop our capacity for reflection and empathy. We also learn to heal wounds faster and to discard feelings that affect our mental and physical health. Forgiving, then, implies healing, a value that offers us keys and tools to achieve individual well-being. Forgiveness is not something you give to others, forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.
Forgiveness set us free!
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