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How Our Educational Toys Differ From Others, Part Two

At Entyva, we are committed to providing your child with educational toys that make learning fun by teaching them about universal values. In part one of our blog series, we looked at a few ways of how our products differ from others on the market. Wrapping things up in part two, here are a few examples of how our educational kids toys provide your child with something more than other toys on the market.

Setting a Good Example

As we discussed in our previous post, children are impressionable in their youth, and are very quick to follow the examples set by the things they choose to be entertained by. If your child is focused on violence-focused television programming and toys, chances are, they’ll look at violence as not only an option for conflict resolution, but they will likely not understand the consequences of acting violently, as in many cases, violence is presented in a way that is far less serious than it is in real life. 

Our Entypals are designed to do the exact opposite of violent toys, by setting a positive example amongst today’s youth. By looking at characters, like Lory Love, Justin Justice, Respectful Rey and Responsible Rick, they’ll be able to identify with the situations and scenarios that these characters are in, and more importantly, they’ll be able to see how they choose to deal with them. Our Entypals are designed to set a good example for your children, showing them the rewards of living positively, treating others with respect and being a loving and honest person.

Give Your Child Courage and Strength

In learning from example, another example of how our educational kids toys differ from others is that they can give your child more than just entertainment. Given, while more violent toys could feasibly set a bad example for your child, outside of providing them with entertainment, there’s little that they could do for your child beyond that. On the flipside, however, our Entypals are designed to not only educate and entertain, but also enlighten.

Growing up comes with its fair share of challenges and obstacles, and a big part of that has to do with understanding the difference between right and wrong. Whether your child is in a situation where they need to be truthful, they need confidence to help them complete a certain task or they need to be responsible, sometimes, doing what is right can be incredibly difficult. Our Entypals are designed to help your child in their day-to-day life, and whether they are feeling as though they are lacking in confidence, they need to think about being truthful or they need to be courageous and stand up for what is right, the concepts they learn from our educational toys are designed to give them the strength and courage they need to apply these concepts to their daily lives. While they may not have been able to understand some of the concepts if they were simply explained to them by an adult, our Entypals are designed to put a face to these concepts to help children better understand them. They may not have been able to understand the concept of honesty if it were just explained to them, but they’ll better able to understand it after reading Honest Howie’s story. They’ll be able to look at a situation and say, “I have to be like Honest Howie”.

Educational Kids Toys For Sale

Those are just a few more examples of how our educational children’s toys differ from other toys on the market. Whether it’s setting a positive example for your children or giving them strength and courage to conduct themselves in a way that is positive, our Entypals are designed to help provide your child with a positive alternative to the more negatively focused toys on the market today. To learn more about our educational kids toys, contact us today!

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