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How Play Affects Early Development

Play is important for children’s development because it is the lens through which they experience their world, and the world of others. Play increases brain development and growth, establishes new neural connections, and enables the child to more accurately perceive the emotional states of those around them. Play enables children to develop both their gross-motor skills, and their fine-motor skills. With so many benefits from the act of playing, you will want to provide adequate play space, as well as a variety of the best developmental toys, for your child. Entyva is dedicated to helping parents teach values to their children. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of play, and then shop our online store for your developmental toys today.

Physical Development

During the preschool years, there are some major physical changes and growth such as an increase in weight and height, the loss of baby teeth, and brain development. In fact, by the age of three, a child’s brain will be at approximately 75 percent of its final weight. Along with these changes are the child’s development in gaining better control over the gross-motor skills, and fine-motor skills. Gross-motor skills are the skills that require the use of larger muscle groups. Examples of this are: running, kicking, jumping, climbing, and throwing. Fine-motor skills use smaller muscle groups for more precise activities such as writing, drawing, holding small items, and buttoning clothing. Through play, all of these skills are developed in a very natural and unforced manner. Providing your child with the best developmental toys will enhance their learning process. 

Mental Development

When children pretend to play a scene from a grocery store checkout counter, they are also developing math and problem-solving skills. Playing with plastic, toy dinosaurs helps to increase their vocabulary as they work to pronounce the names of the dinosaurs. If you’ve ever watched your child and wondered why they repeat some of the same actions over and over, it is actually a method for them to learn cause-and-effect relationships. Which, in turn, continues to develop their problem-solving ability. If your child enjoys playing with puzzles, these will help them better understand logical thinking. Entyva has a number of developmental toys that will help your child develop their critical thinking skills.

Emotional Development

Playing with others allows children to develop the social-emotional skills needed to build healthy relationships. They learn how to consider the feelings of others, as well as develop the skills of cooperation and conflict resolution. During this type of playtime, children are also able to learn more about their own emotions and how to manage their responses to situations where their actions affect others. The best developmental toys will help children learn important values such as honesty and respect, just to name a few.

Entyva is proud to offer our Entypals which help children learn about several different values while playing with the plush figures. We partner with parents to teach their kids important skills by providing the best developmental toys available. Check out our online store and shop for your child today!


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