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Speak the Truth in Love

Two very important values for kids to learn at a young age are love and honesty. Without love, honesty can be quite brutal, and without honesty, love can be cheap. In today’s post, we’ll look at some different ways that you can teach your child the importance of both of these values. Entyva created our line of Entypals to help you instill these and other core values into your child through reading and playing. Lory Love and Honest Howie can create the opportunities you need to discuss what love and honesty look like. Browse our collection of educational kids’ toys and collect all of the Entypals today!

Reward the Truth

One of the easier traps to fall into as a parent is to punish your child when they confess that they said or did something that was wrong. The reason this is a trap is that you unintentionally teach them that hiding the truth is better than telling the truth. Lying is now equated with escaping punishment. This predicament may cause you to wonder exactly how to punish them for their wrong choice without punishing them for telling the truth. One tip is to make sure that you reward them for telling the truth with a lot of praise and hugs. Depending on their age, you could then talk with them about how you love their honesty, but their action still has consequences. This allows you to reinforce the rules in your home without punishing their honesty.

Reward Independence

It is important to teach children to give and receive love. In fact, the love that children receive from infancy is critical in helping them to develop secure attachment to you, and eventually the other people who will come into their life. As they continue to grow, you want to be careful that you do not continue to do everything for them — allow them to try things on their own. It is easy to equate love with service — the more you do for them, the more it shows the depth of your love. This logic is flawed, because the more you do for them, the more they will take these acts of love for granted. Give them opportunities to try certain things for themselves and reward them with big smiles, praise, and hugs when they try — even if they’re not completely successful.

Encourage Giving and Acts of Kindness

Little children won’t be able to give to others in the financial sense, but there are plenty of opportunities for them to give in other ways. Teach them the importance of giving their time by looking for volunteer opportunities they can participate in. They will quickly discover for themselves just how good it feels to give to others, as well as see a new way to show love. Practicing random acts of kindness is good for children of all ages, but especially younger ones like toddlers who aren’t old enough to volunteer. Acts of kindness for toddlers can be as simple as coloring a picture for a friend or family member, smiling and waving at a neighbor, or sharing toys with a friend during a playdate. Teaching young children to show love to others plays an important role in the significance they place on this value.

Demonstrate Honesty and Love

As we said earlier, honesty without love is brutal and love without honesty is cheap. Sometimes, hearing the truth about ourselves hurts, but when it comes from someone who has our best interests in mind, we are able to more easily accept it. You know that your child isn’t perfect, but you don’t try to hit them with the hammer of truth when they mess up — you speak the truth in love. On the flip side, unconditional love doesn’t deny that a person has flaws. Because of your deep love for your child, you are willing to have the harder conversations when they have said or done something wrong. You love them too much to allow them to become the type of person who would speak or behave in certain ways.

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs that a person can face. There is no playbook or set of instructions that will work perfectly with every child in every situation. At Entyva, we want to help make your job a little bit easier, which is why we created the Entypals. Our plush educational kids’ toys come with books and stickers to help you teach your kids some of the core values they need for life. Be sure to check out Lory Love, Honest Howie, and all of their plushy friends today!

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