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The Benefits of Reading to Your Child

Entyva is committed to improving the lives of today’s youth, helping instill universal values of love, respect, honesty and more. Through our educational children’s toys and books, we aim to both entertain and educate your child. To learn more about our children’s learning toys, contact us today.

Reading to your child comes with a variety of benefits, which is one of the many reasons why we created the EntyPals book series. With this in mind, in this blog post, we’ll look at a small handful of benefits that come from reading to your child.

Bonding Time

Obviously, every moment that you share with your child is special, but some moments are more special than others. Think back to when we were younger, specifically when we were spending time with our parents. The moments that we remember most are the moments when we were truly bonding together. Perhaps we were spending time at a vacation spot, or maybe our parents were sharing stories with us about when they were growing up. For those of us who had parents that read to us as children, these are moments that we not only recall fondly, but hold very dear to ourselves as adults. Being read to comes with many benefits, but for young children, it’s a great opportunity to bond with their parents. Whether being read to before naptime or bedtime, or during the day between other activities, reading to your child can be a great use of both of your time, spending time together to follow the same story together.

Develop a Love of Reading

Children learn by example, and parents lead by example. As children being to grow and develop their identities, a lot of what they learn comes from observing their parents and siblings. By reading to your child, you’re setting an example for them. While they may not have the ability to read themselves yet, children love story time because it allows them to acquire new information and be entertained. By sitting down with your child and reading, you’re showing them how knowledge and information are acquired, and by incorporating our EntyPals children’s books into your reading schedule, you can combine learning with fun.

Instill Positive Values

While this is entirely dependent on what you choose to read to your child, a lot of children’s literature is meant to inform as well as entertain. Our EntyPals books are designed to do just this, helping your child learn universal values like love, determination, honesty and respect. Our stories are filled with tales of children just like them who encounter an EntyPal that helps them better understand a specific value. Reading these stories with your children will help them not only understand the meaning of these values, but help them see how they can be incorporated into their lives and how they choose to interact with others.

Buy Educational Children’s Toys and Books

Those are just a few examples of how reading to your child can be beneficial. From helping them develop a fondness for reading to spending quality time with them, reading to your child comes with a wide variety of benefits. At Entyva, we’ve made it our goal to create children’s toys that both educate as well as entertain, helping instill universal values in our youth of today. By setting a positive example, we hope to improve the lives of today’s children, helping them grow into loving, honest and respectful adults. Our educational children’s toys and books are relatable, loveable and entertaining, and whether you’re trying to teach your child about respecting others or understanding the concept of love, Entyva has a book and EntyPal to help you in the process. To learn more about our educational children’s toys and books, contact Entyva today!

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