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The Benefits of Teaching Your Child Values

Entyva aims to be your go to resource for educational children’s toys and books, with a variety of products to help your child better understand a variety of universal values. While some parents believe that a child will develop a moral compass on their own, there’s no hurt in encouraging this as well. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the importance of teaching your child about universal values.

Help Them Get Along with Siblings and Friends

No matter how much you try, siblings are going to have their fair amount of conflict around the house. While this is a completely common part of growing up with siblings, you can help them better understand how to get along with one another. Surely, you talking about these values on your own may help, but our EntyPals books and stuffed toys make it very easy for your child to understand universal values like love, honesty and respect. While children make mistakes, and sometimes these mistakes can result in conflict amongst brothers and sisters, understanding these universal values can very easily help your child correct or even completely avoid making these sorts of mistakes. They’ll be able to draw on the instances from the stories, and doing so may very well cause them to think twice before behaving in a certain way, or if they’re on the other side, they’ll be able to understand the hardship that their sibling may be going through.

By laying a foundation of values at home, your child can very well take this understanding and knowledge into school. The lessons they learn in our educational books can help them with getting along better with their classmates as well. EntyPals are not only a great way to entertain and educate your children, but they can very well help them in getting along with their siblings.

Be A Leader

It’s one thing for your child to be able to apply universal values to how they interact with the friends and family, but by gaining a thorough understanding of universal values from our EntyPals toys and books, your child could easily become the person who chooses to lead rather than follow. Wanting to fit in, peer pressure and the struggles that come with making friends can be difficult and stressful for kids. On top of all this, some children unfortunately endure more hardships than others, with some of their fellow students choosing to make light of their misfortunes. While kids sometimes have a tendency to join in when one student is being picked on, gaining the understanding of concepts like respect, fairness and justice from our EntyPals books could very easily help your child stand up for what is right. The stories told in these books help your child understand the importance of being loving and respectful towards one another, and reading them could give them the strength and courage they need to stand up against unfairness and injustice amongst their peers.

Buy Educational Children’s Toys and Books

Those are just two examples of the importance of teaching your child universal values. While approaching some of these concepts can sometimes be a bit of a challenge for parents, Entyva makes it easy with our fun and engaging EntyPals books and plush dolls. Whether you’re looking to teach your child about love, respect, honesty, justice or otherwise, Entyva has a variety of educational children’s toys that can help them better understand these sometimes hard to grasp concepts. Contact us today to learn more about our children’s toys and books!

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