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Why Respect Matters

Thanks to Aretha, we all know that respect is incredibly important, but unfortunately, it is not something that seems to be a commonly-held value in our society these days. If you’re like most people, you have experienced the difference between being treated with respect and disrespect, and you want your child to understand why respect matters. At Entyva, we agree that respect should be a core value in our lives, which is why we created educational kids’ toys like Respectful Rey. Be sure to use Rey and the tips in today’s post, to help instill the value of respect in your children, and check out the rest of our Entypals to complete your collection of all of the core values we promote.

Develop Basic Social Skills

Respect is a core value that all people should show one another in their interactions — brief or not. Children who are not taught how to show respect to others are lacking a critical value in their social skills set. You may not be aware of this until your child is in preschool or kindergarten and you receive reports of altercations with other children. While it usually takes two for an argument to happen, you definitely want to make sure that your child understands the importance of using words like “please” and “thank you” in their interactions. Entyva’s educational kids’ toys are designed to help you in this process.

Model Respect

The old adage to practice what you preach is critical when teaching your children. While they are hopefully listening to everything you say to them, we know that they absolutely observe and imitate almost everything about you say and do over the course of any given day — even the things you wish they would forget. With this knowledge in hand, it is very important to make sure that if you want them to be respectful, you must also demonstrate what respect looks and sounds like in your interactions with them. This is easier said than done — especially when they are trying your patience! Respectful Rey and the other educational kids’ toys offered by Entyva can create opportunities to teach values while you play with your child.

Be Ready to Apologize

Many adults remember growing up in homes where parents were never wrong — even when everyone knew they were. It is very hard for children to learn the importance of an apology and why they must offer them when the adults in their lives don’t model this behavior. While your children should be respectful to you because you are their parent, there is also something to be said for earning their respect by readily apologizing when you are in the wrong. This seemingly simple act is actually a powerful demonstration that respect should go both ways in any relationship. When your child feels respected, they will understand more clearly why respect is a core value. 

Entyva knows that parenting is hard, which is why we have created our plush educational kids’ toys to help. Respectful Rey and all of his Entypals were designed to help you teach your child core values through reading and play. From respect to honesty and more, you are sure to find the values you want your child to carry with them through life. Browse our store today and start your Entypal collection today!

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