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The word Entyva comes from combining the words Entertainment & Values. We are a company dedicated to develop products that inspire universal values of love, truth, respect, honesty, justice and beyond.



Alex Gutt - Founder & Creator of Entyva

Alex Gutt - Founder & Creator of Entyva


 After working in the Toy industry for almost 20 years I felt disappointed by the excess of violence and lack of values that our children were being exposed to.
As a father of 5 I had a hard time finding products that would leave a positive message in my children. I heard so many people talk about the lack of positive values but very few where doing something about it. With these thoughts the Entyva brand was born. Mixing the words Entertainment & Values and with a clear Mission statement: To Illuminate the world spreading Values through Entertainment. Later we developed characters that represent each of the values that we promote and we named them the Entypals. We inspire positive and universal values that transcend cultures, religions and nationalities. If you are a parent or Educator that Believes values are important and that they can be shared in a fun way then you will fall in love with our Brand.

With Fun,

Alex Gutt


The EntyPals

Entypals are fun and engaging characters that entertain kids while teaching them universal values of love, determination, honesty and more!

We started with a simple goal-to “illuminate the world, spreading universal values through entertainment". This goal is at the heart of everything we do at Entyva, and it is of the utmost importance to all of us.

Our passion is creating fun, entertaining, and beloved toys and products that reinforce positive and relatable universal values.

There is an alarming amount of violent toys and a lack of substantial content within the toy industry. Concerned parents are always in need of products that promote positive character building for their children. The goal of spreading universal values in a fun, entertaining, and exciting way led to the birth of Entypals, a product line linking positive values with entertainment.

Developing the brand, we recognized the need for relatable characters for children, so we set out to design some that represent a variety of different values. It is our pleasure to present our Collectible Series 1 launch of the Entypals product line. Included in this line are Determined Danny, Lory Love, Honest Howie, Justin Justice, Respectful Rey and Responsible Rick.

We hope you enjoy our products. They are designed to help your child better understand these values in a delightful, amusing and memorable way.

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