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What makes Entyva’s products unique?

Entyva products are specially designed to promote universal values by teaching kids through play and stories. Young children learn through observing and copying the behaviors and words of those around them. It is important to establish a solid foundation of core values at this age. Entypals provide the opportunity to teach your child these essential values through the medium of play. Shop our online store and begin your collection of Entypals today.

What is the mission of Entyva?

Entyva’s mission is to illuminate the world, spreading values through entertainment. Our name came from the combination of the words “Entertainment” and “Values.” We believe that our world is a better place when we treat one another the same way that we want to be treated. Our mission is to help you establish this selfless and caring mindset in your child through age-appropriate entertainment. We hope that as you and your child play with your Entypals and read the stories, you will join us in illuminating the world together.

What values do we promote?

There are many values that make our world a better place. We have chosen six values to begin our line of Entypals. Justice, love, respect, responsibility, honesty, and determination are the initial values in our product line. We will be adding values and Entypals to the collection soon.

Who are the Entypals?

Entypals are brand ambassadors for Entyva. Each one represents a different value and shows your child what that value means through beautifully illustrated stories. Each value is modeled in the actions of the story characters, and the accompanying Entypal encourages that particular behavior. Currently, we have six Entypals that promote universally respected values. Their names are: Determined Danny, Lory Love, Honest Howie, Justin Justice, Respectful Rey, and Responsible Rick. Begin your collection today and get 10% off your first order when you sign up!

Where can I purchase your products?

You can purchase Entypals on our Shop page. We ship products within 2 business days after the order is placed, excluding weekends and holidays.
You can also purchase Entypals through our Amazon Store, — or contact us to find a retailer near you.

How does a subscription work?

Entyva understands that life with small children can sometimes be hectic. We have worked to streamline this process for you.

  1. Simply submit your order for the monthly subscription to Entypals.
  2. Check your Mailbox to find a linkable, plush Entypal, and a storybook with a sticker page in a beautifully packaged box that can be your new friend’s home.
  3. Experience the joy of learning through play! You and your child will experience quality time together as you learn about each value and how you can use them to help to illuminate our world.


Can I incorporate Entyva’s products into my school’s curriculum?

Entypals are a perfect fit for any early childhood classroom. Regardless of the curriculum you use, their stories will mesh seamlessly into your daily classroom plans. With their engaging faces and soft exteriors, your students will be excited to play with each of them, and you will be excited to have a unique, new tool for teaching core values.

Can you print these books in other languages?

Absolutely! Contact us to let us know what language(s) you need, as well as the quantity needed, and we will work with you to fulfill your order.

Do your toys conform to safety standards?

All of our toys here at Entyva conform to the highest standards of safety. We have the completed ASTM Laboratory test as required by law. If you have concerns, please let us know.

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