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Play Therapy Toys

Play therapy offers a variety of benefits for children for a number of different reasons. You may already know that children learn through playing, but playing can also be a way for them to maximize the benefits of their therapy sessions. Regardless of the reason why your child participates in therapy, playing during these sessions can be used to sensitively and specifically address their needs.

Multi-Sensory Approach

Play therapy is a unique approach to therapy because the play is structured in such a way that it builds on the normal communication processes of children. Therapists are able to develop deeper connections with children when they use this avenue of child-centered play therapy. Children generally feel more open to sharing their feelings when they are playing with toys, and it can also serve to create an emotional connection for them with their therapist. The Entypals can be used in multi-sensory approach because each character comes with a book and stickers. Your child can play with an Entypal while the therapist reads the story and talks with them. You can help reinforce the values by giving them stickers when you see them emulating these values at home.

Help With Forming Connections

Sometimes children aren’t able to express themselves because they lack the language skills needed to properly convey their thoughts and feelings, especially if they have experienced some form of trauma in their life. Instead, they might resort to unwanted behaviors such as defiance, severe tantrums, or becoming socially withdrawn. Play therapy was developed to allow therapists to provide children with an alternative way to express themselves. Play therapists are specifically trained to understand and interpret what the child is communicating through their play. This, in turn, helps the therapist to enable the parents to find another way of “talking” with their child.

If your child needs help forming connections due to an inability to properly express their thoughts or feelings, then Entypals might provide the solution that you need. Each plush toy represents a core universal value that helps you connect with your child in an educational way. The accompanying book illustrates what it looks like to exhibit a certain value and allows your child to make these types of connections with their own behavior. The plush Entypals literally connect with one another, which provides a visual representation for your child of how the values work together.

Help With Making Proper Decisions Outside the Home

As children develop their independence and creative thinking, they need help with determining how to make appropriate decisions when they are outside of their home environment. Playing with Entypals who represent core universal values will help your child to better understand what each value is and why they are important. For instance, you can encourage your children to be like Determined Danny and not give up when things get tough. Then, when you see your child emulating these behaviors, you can positively reinforce them with the accompanying stickers.

Play therapy toys have many benefits, and Entyva wants to help you make the connections you need with your child. Communicating can be difficult, especially for children who have experienced some sort of trauma, but it can be easier when you use our plush Entypals. Shop our online store today and discover what the Entypals have to offer you.

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